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Unit summary: Working with forms
Unit summary: Working with forms
Topic A
In this topic, you created a form by adding labels to it. You also added text, drop-down
list, and date controls. Next, you modified control properties .
Topic B
In this topic, you protected a form by using the Restrict Formatting and Editing pane .
You also learned how to set permissions for a user to modify specified regions of a
protected form.
Topic C
In this topic, you used the Compatibility Checker and the Document Inspector to
prepare a document for sharing with others. You also published a document in the XPS
file format. Finally, you discussed digital signatures . You learned that you must install
a digital certificate to use a digital signature.
Independent practice activity
In this activity, you’ll create a form and enter data into it.
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 4\Unit summary .
1 Open Practice form and save it as My practice form . This document contains
several labels in the left column of a table. You’ll add field content controls in the
right column of the table.
2 Enter text fields in the table cells next to the following labels: Employee code,
Employee name, Address, City, State, and Zip.
3 Enter a date field in the cell next to the “Date of birth” label. Format the field as a
date with the format MMMM d, yyyy. ( Hint: Use the Date Picker control.)
4 Protect the form so that all modifications are prohibited, except for filling in forms.
For the protection password, enter password . ( Hint: In the Restrict Formatting and
Editing pane, under Editing restrictions, select Filling in forms . You’ll need to turn
off Design Mode to enforce protection.)
5 Update the document.
6 Enter the data shown in Exhibit 4-10. ( Hint: You can enter the date by typing it.
You don’t have to use the calendar tool.)
7 Close the Restrict Formatting and Editing pane.
8 Update and close the form.
Exhibit 4-10: The form data after Step 6
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