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Unit summary: Working with forms
Review questions
1 What three types of forms can you create in Word?
2 Which tab contains controls used to create form fields?
A Insert
B Page Layout
C Developer
D Design
3 How can you open the Properties dialog box for a form field?
Select the field in the document; then click Properties in the Controls group.
4 If you want to protect a form by specifying a password, what should you do?
A In the Controls group, click Lock.
B In the Controls group, click Properties.
C Use the options in the Restrict Formatting and Editing pane.
D Click Legacy Tools and click the Reset Form Fields button.
5 If you want to locate hidden metadata, like comments and personal information that
you might not want other readers to see, what tool can you use?
A The Find command
B The Compatibility Checker
C The Restrict Formatting and Editing pane
D The Document Inspector
6 What is the difference between a digital signature and a digital certificate?
A digital signature is the electronic security stamp. The digital certificate is the attachment that
guarantees the authenticity of the signature.
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