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Topic A: Customizing the Ribbon
Topic A: Customizing the Ribbon
This topic covers the following Microsoft Office Specialist objectives for exam 77-887:
Word Expert 2010.
Configure Word options
1.1.1 Change default program options
Options for changing the Ribbon
You can customize the Ribbon by adding your own tabs and groups and by rearranging
the tabs. You can also minimize the Ribbon to get more screen space.
Minimizing the Ribbon
The Ribbon puts commonly used commands within easy reach, but it takes up a lot of
space on the screen. Some users prefer to minimize the Ribbon, as shown in Exhibit 5-1,
in order to have more screen space while they’re working. You can minimize the
Ribbon either by clicking the Minimize the Ribbon button or by double-clicking the
active tab. The Minimize the Ribbon button is the caret-shaped button to the left of the
Help button, at the right end of the Ribbon.
Exhibit 5-1: The Ribbon can be minimized to save screen space
Once you have minimized the Ribbon, you can click a tab to temporarily show it so you
can access a command. The Ribbon will be displayed until you click a command or
click elsewhere in the window. Then it will be hidden again.
To expand the Ribbon and keep it expanded, click the Expand the Ribbon button (the
down-pointing caret) or double-click a tab.
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