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Topic A: Customizing the Ribbon
Do it!
A-4: Creating a tab
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Right-click the Home tab and
choose Customize the
2 Click New Tab
Your new tab is created after the Home tab. It
has a default name and contains a single, default
group named New Group (Custom).
3 Select New Tab (Custom)
Click Rename
Type Favorites and click OK
To rename your tab.
4 Select New Group (Custom)
and click Rename
Type Word Commands and
click OK
To rename the default group.
5 From the “Choose commands
from” list, select
All Commands
6 Scroll down the list and select
Normal Word Document
Click Add
To add the Normal Word Document command
to your Word Commands group.
7 Add Copy , Paste , and Undo
to your group
Select each command and click Add.
8 In the right-hand list box, in your
Word Commands group, select
To move Undo ahead of Copy in the list of
9 In the right-hand list box, select
Favorites (Custom)
To move your tab so it’s first in the list.
10 Click OK
The Favorites tab is listed after File and before
Click the Favorites tab
It contains the commands you specified.
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