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Topic C: Customizing keyboard shortcuts
5 Place the insertion point as shown
You’ll assign a shortcut key to
Press c + I
Observe the text below the
Current keys box
This shortcut is already assigned to the Italic
command. You’ll leave that shortcut with its
current command and try another shortcut.
6 Press j
To delete the shortcut.
c + a + s + I
To try another shortcut. This one is unassigned.
7 Click Assign
To add the shortcut to the Current keys box.
Click Close
To close the Customize Keyboard dialog box.
8 Click OK
To close the Word Options dialog box.
9 Open Custom2 and save it as
My custom file2
You’ll use the shortcut to add a new row above
“Albany, NY.”
10 Click in the table row containing
“Albany, NY”
You might need to scroll.
c + a + s + I
To insert a new row above the current row.
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