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Unit summary: Customizing Word
Unit summary: Customizing Word
Topic A
In this topic, you learned how to show and hide the Ribbon and how to customize the
Ribbon by rearranging tabs, hiding tabs and commands, and removing groups. You also
learned how to add your own custom tabs and groups, and add commands to them.
Topic B
In this topic, you customized the Quick Access toolbar by adding, rearranging, and
removing buttons. You also reset the Quick Access toolbar to its default buttons.
Topic C
In this topic, you assigned custom keyboard shortcuts to Word commands. You also
reset all keyboard shortcuts to the Word defaults.
Independent practice activity
In this activity, you’ll customize the Quick Access toolbar and assign new keyboard
shortcuts to several commands.
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 5\Unit summary .
1 Open Practice customizing and save it as My practice customizing .
2 Add a button for the Print Preview and Print command to the Quick Access toolbar.
3 Set the Quick Access toolbar to be displayed below the Ribbon.
4 Compare the Quick Access toolbar to Exhibit 5-5.
5 Click the Print Preview button; then click the Home tab.
6 Return the Quick Access toolbar to its default buttons and its default location.
7 Update and close the file.
8 Assign the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D to the InsertDateTime command.
Hint: It’s in the Insert Tab category.) (
9 Create a new blank file to test the keyboard shortcut.
10 Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D. The Date and Time dialog box appears.
11 Click OK to insert the date.
12 Reset all keyboard shortcuts to their defaults.
13 Close the file without saving it.
Exhibit 5-5: The Quick Access toolbar after Step 4
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