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Topic A: Master documents
Topic A: Master documents
This topic covers the following Microsoft Office Specialist objectives for exam 77-881:
Word 2010.
Apply different views to a document
1.1.4 Arrange document views Master documents Subdocuments
Construct content in a document by using the Quick Parts tool
3.3.1 Add built-in building blocks Cover page
Master documents and subdocuments
A master document is a document in which you insert a collection of other documents.
Each of these inserted documents is called a subdocument . It’s useful to store
subdocuments in a master document when you want to combine multiple documents to
form a single document, such as combining chapters to form a book. You can edit each
subdocument separately.
Inserting subdocuments
You can add subdocuments to a master document by using the Outlining tab, which
appears when you use Outline view. Subdocuments can be edited and formatted in the
same way as any other document.
To insert a subdocument:
Create a document that will become the master document.
In the status bar, click the Outline button to switch to Outline view. The
Outlining tab, shown in Exhibit 6-1, appears on the Ribbon.
In the Master Document group, click Show Document. Additional buttons,
including Create and Insert, appear in that group.
In the Master Document group, click Insert to open the Insert Subdocument
dialog box.
Select the file that you want to insert as a subdocument, and click Open.
Exhibit 6-1: The Outlining tab
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