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Topic A: Master documents
Do it!
A-1: Inserting subdocuments
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 6\Topic A .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Create a new blank document
You’ll create a master document by inserting
Save the document as
My master
In Student Data folder Unit 6\Topic A.
2 In the status bar, click the Outline
To switch to Outline view. The Outlining tab
appears on the Ribbon.
3 Verify that the Outlining tab is
4 In the Master Document group,
click Show Document
Additional buttons, including Create and Insert,
appear in the group.
Click Insert
(In the Master Document group.) To open the
Insert Subdocument dialog box.
5 Navigate to the current topic
(Student Data folder Unit 6\Topic A.) If
Select Chapter 1
If this file doesn’t appear in the list, select All
Files or All Word Documents from the Files of
type list.
Click Open
A message box is displayed, stating that the
Heading 2 style exists in both documents.
Click No to All
The styles in both documents have the same
formatting, so you don’t need to rename any
styles. The Chapter 1 file is added to the current
document as a subdocument.
6 Verify that the insertion point is at
the end of the document
You’ll insert another subdocument here.
7 Open the Insert Subdocument
dialog box
In the Master Document group, click Insert.
8 Insert Chapter 2 as a
From the list of Files, select Chapter 2, and click
Click No to All
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