Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Topic A: Master documents
Do it!
A-2: Working in Master Document view
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Go to the top of the master
Observe the Subdocument icon
It’s also shown in the upper-left corner of
Exhibit 6-2 and Exhibit 6-4.
2 In the Master Document group,
Collapse Subdocuments
The subdocuments now appear as hyperlinks, as
shown in Exhibit 6-3. If you click a hyperlink,
the subdocument will open in its own window.
3 Press c and point to the
hyperlink for the first
The pointer changes to a pointing hand,
indicating that you can click the link.
Click the link
To open the Chapter 1 document in its own
Release c
4 Click the File tab
and click
To close the Chapter 1 document, returning to
My master, which contains the subdocuments.
5 Click
Expand Subdocuments
(In the Master Document group.) To expand the
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