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Topic A: Master documents
Do it!
A-4: Adding a cover page
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 In the status bar, click the Print
Layout button
To switch to Print Layout view. The
subdocuments are separated by section breaks.
2 Click the Insert tab
3 In the Pages group, click
Cover Page
To display a gallery of cover pages.
Select Pinstripes
(Scroll in the gallery.) To insert a cover page at
the beginning of the document.
4 Click Type the document
To select the title placeholder.
Enter Outlander Spices
To create the title.
5 Click Type the document
To select the subtitle placeholder.
Enter All About Spices
To create the subtitle.
6 Click Pick the date
Click the drop-down arrow
(To the right of “Pick the date.”) To open a
To enter the date on the cover page.
Click today’s date
7 Click Type the company
Enter Outlander Spices
8 Update and close the document
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