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Topic B: Tables of contents and figures
Do it!
B-1: Creating and modifying a table of contents
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 6\Topic B .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open Tables
Save the document as My tables
Place the insertion point at the top
of page 2
This is a blank page. You’ll insert a table of
contents here.
2 Click the References tab
3 In the Table of Contents group,
click Table of Contents
To display the gallery of style options.
Select Automatic Table 2
To add a table of contents to the document.
4 Observe the table of contents
The section titled “Bay leaf” is on page 5.
5 Press and hold c , and click
Bay leaf
The insertion point moves to the “Bay leaf”
Release c
On page 5.
6 Edit the heading to read
Bay leaves
Scroll to view the table of
(On page 2.) It has not been updated.
7 In the Table of Contents group,
click Update Table
To open the Update Table of Contents dialog
box, shown in Exhibit 6-9. You can update page
numbers only or the entire table.
Select Update entire table
To specify that both the text and the page
numbers should be updated.
Click OK
To update the table of contents to reflect the
heading change.
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