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Topic B: Tables of contents and figures
Generating a table of figures
A table of figures is a list of elements, such as captioned pictures, that appear in a
document. This table lists each element’s caption and page number.
To add a table of figures:
1 In the Captions group on the References tab, click Insert Table of Figures to
open the Table of Figures dialog box, shown in Exhibit 6-11.
2 Select the desired options.
3 Click OK.
Exhibit 6-11: The Table of Figures dialog box
You can press Ctrl and click an item in the table to navigate directly to the associated
Updating a table of figures
If your document changes, you might need to update its table of figures. Here’s one way
to do so:
Right-click the table of figures and choose Update Table.
Select “Update entire table” and click OK.
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