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Topic C: Indexes, bibliographies, and other references
Indexing a document
You can use Word to mark index entries and to generate an index from those entries.
You can create an index entry for a word, a phrase, a symbol, or even for a topic that
spans a range of pages.
To create an index, you first need to mark the index entries in a document. There are
two types of index entries: main entries and subentries. A main index entry refers to a
key concept or term. A subentry refers to a concept or term that’s related to the main
entry. Main entries are required; subentries are optional.
Marking index entries
To mark an index entry:
Select the text that you want to include in the index.
On the References tab, in the Index group, click Mark Entry to open the Mark
Index Entry dialog box, shown in Exhibit 6-12. The Main entry box contains the
text you selected.
Enter text in the Subentry box to create a subentry, if necessary.
Click Mark to mark the selected text and to insert an XE field in the document.
XE is an Index Entry field, which specifies the text and page number for an
index entry. The field code is enclosed in curly braces, { }, and the field is
formatted as hidden text.
Click Close to close the Mark Index Entry dialog box.
Exhibit 6-12: The Mark Index Entry dialog box
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