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Topic C: Indexes, bibliographies, and other references
Creating indexes
After you’ve marked index entries in a document, you can generate an index. To do so:
Place the insertion point where you want the index to appear.
On the References tab, in the Index group, click the Insert Index button to open
the Index dialog box, shown in Exhibit 6-13.
Select an index style from the Formats list.
Specify any additional settings as needed.
Select an index type. Indented displays subentries indented below a main
entry. Run-in displays subentries on the same line as the main entry,
separated with a colon or semicolon.
Select the number of columns you want the index to use.
From the Language list, specify the desired language for the index.
Check “Right align page numbers,” if desired. If this option is checked, you
can select a leader character from the Tab leader list.
 Click Modify if you want to specify or modify the style used for the index.
5 Click OK.
Exhibit 6-13: The Index dialog box
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