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Topic C: Indexes, bibliographies, and other references
Generating a table of authorities
An authority is a specific kind of citation that refers to universally accepted expert
sources, such as legal cases, statutes, treatises, regulations, or rules that are cited in a
document. You can also create your own categories of authority.
A table of authorities is a list of information sources used in a document and their
corresponding page numbers. To include an authority in a table, you must first mark it.
To do so:
Select the text that you want to mark as a citation for the table of authorities.
On the References tab, in the Table of Authorities group, click Mark Citation to
open the Mark Citation dialog box, shown in Exhibit 6-20.
To add a new category of authorities:
a Click Category to open the Edit Category dialog box.
b From the category list, select one of the available names to replace it. You
can replace any name, but you might want to begin by replacing the generic
categories that are named with numbers, from 8 through 16.
c In the Replace with box, enter the name of the category you want to add.
d Click Replace.
Click OK to return to the Mark Citation dialog box.
From the Category list, select the category of your citation.
Modify any of the other fields, if necessary, to include more information. Then
click Mark.
Click Close to close the Mark Citation dialog box.
Exhibit 6-20: The Mark Citation dialog box
To create a table of authorities, place the insertion point where you want the table to
appear, and on the References tab, click Insert Table of Authorities. The Table of
Authorities dialog box, shown in Exhibit 6-21, opens. Select the desired options and
click OK.
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