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Topic C: Indexes, bibliographies, and other references
In the Table of Authorities dialog box, you can also specify a tab leader and formatting
for the table. To do so:
If passim is checked, Word will display “passim” rather than the page numbers
for citations with five or more page references. Clear passim to display page
numbers for all citations.
From the Tab Leader list, select an option.
From the Formats list, select an option to format the table.
Click Modify if you want to specify or modify the style used for the table of
authorities and the heading.
Exhibit 6-21: The Table of Authorities dialog box
To update the table, select it and click Update Table of Authorities in the Table of
Authorities group on the References tab.
You can adjust the alignment and tab stops for a table of authorities after you’ve
inserted it. To do so, select the table and apply the desired alignment setting in the
Paragraph group on the Home tab, or adjust the tab stops on the ruler.
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