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Topic C: Indexes, bibliographies, and other references
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C-5: Creating and updating a table of authorities
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Move to the beginning of the
Press Ctrl + Home.
In the second paragraph under the
heading “The historical medicinal
uses of spices,” select
doctrine of similars
(Don’t include the quotations in the selection.)
This is the text you’ll mark as an authority to be
included in a table of authorities.
2 In the Table of Authorities group,
click Mark Citation
To open the Mark Citation dialog box. You want
to create a category of authorities called
3 Click Category
(This button is on the right side of the dialog
box.) To open the Edit Category dialog box.
4 From the Category list, select 8
(You might need to scroll.) You’ll replace this
category name.
In the Replace With box, enter
To specify the new name.
Click Replace
To replace “8” with “Doctrines.”
Click OK
To return to the Mark Citation dialog box.
5 From the Category list, select
To categorize this citation.
6 Click Mark
To mark the citation in the document.
Click Close
To close the Mark Citation dialog box. Notice
the code added to the document to identify this
citation. “TA” stands for “Table of Authorities.”
This code is not printed when you print the
7 Move to the end of the document
Press Ctrl+End.
Insert a new page
Press Ctrl+Enter.
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