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Topic D: Bookmarks and cross-references
Using bookmarks
After you’ve added bookmarks to a document, you can use the Bookmark dialog box to
navigate directly to any bookmark. Here’s how:
In the Links group, click Bookmark to open the Bookmark dialog box.
Under Bookmark name, select the desired bookmark.
Click Go To.
Do it!
D-2: Navigating to bookmarks in a document
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Place the insertion point at the end
of the document
2 In the Links group, click
To open the Bookmark dialog box.
In the list under Bookmark name,
select antioxidants
To select the bookmark you want to navigate to.
Click Go To
To move the insertion point to “antioxidants,”
where you added the bookmark.
3 Experiment with navigating to
other bookmarks
4 Click Close
To close the Bookmark dialog box.
5 Update the document
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