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Topic D: Bookmarks and cross-references
Creating cross-references
A cross-reference is text that refers to an item somewhere else in a document. For
example, a typical cross-reference might use the following structure: “Refer to Figure
1.” You can create cross-references to numbered items, headings, bookmarks, footnotes,
endnotes, equations, figures, or tables. In Word, you can press Ctrl and click a
crossreference to navigate directly to the referenced item.
To create a cross-reference to a figure:
1 Place the insertion point where you want to add the cross-reference, and enter
any text, such as “as shown in” or “(see).”
2 Click the Insert tab.
3 In the Links group, click Cross-reference to open the Cross-reference dialog
box, shown in Exhibit 6-24.
4 From the Reference type list, select the type of item you’re referring to (such as
Figure, in this example).
5 In the “For which caption” list, select the figure for which you want to add a
6 Click Insert to insert the cross-reference.
7 Click Close.
Exhibit 6-24: The Cross-reference dialog box
Updating a cross-reference
After you add a cross-reference to a figure, the figure’s number might change. For
example, if you add or remove a figure, the cross-referenced figure’s number might
change. If that happens, you’ll have to update the cross-reference to reflect the figure’s
new number. To update a cross-reference, right-click it and choose Update Field.
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