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Topic D: Bookmarks and cross-references
Do it!
D-4: Creating a cross-reference
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Scroll to view the first Spice
descriptions page, which includes
the figure and text for bay leaves
(This is page 3.) You’ll add a cross-reference to
the figure of the bay leaves.
2 In the first paragraph’s last
sentence, place the insertion point
after “whole”
The insertion point should be between “whole”
and the comma.
Type , as shown in
Press q
3 Click the Insert tab
(If necessary.) You’ll insert the cross-reference
to the figure.
4 In the Links group, click
To open the Cross-reference dialog box.
From the Reference type list,
select Figure
By default, “Insert as hyperlink” is checked, so
you’ll be able to press Ctrl and click the
crossreference to navigate to the figure.
5 From the “Insert reference to” list,
Only label and number
To specify that only the word “Figure” and the
figure number will be included in the
crossreference. The rest of the figure’s caption won’t
be included.
Under “For which caption,” verify
that Figure 1: Dried bay
leaves is selected
Click Insert
To insert the cross-reference.
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