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Topic E: Web frames
Topic E: Web frames
Web frames can be used to create a Web-site header that remains at the top of the screen
while the reader browses a site, or to create a table of contents that stays on the screen
while readers go to different pages in a Web site. When you use frames, a Web page is
divided into sections, and each section is a frame. The container that holds a group of
frames is called a frames page . In Word, you can create and modify frames pages.
Creating frames pages
You can save a Word document as a Web page. If it’s a large document, you might
want to create a frames page to divide the Web page into several frames, as shown in
Exhibit 6-25. You can then use these frames to display different types of content, such
as the table of contents or the information in the document.
Contents frame
Banner frame
Main frame
Exhibit 6-25: A frames page
To create a frames page from a document:
Open the document.
Add the necessary frames buttons to the Quick Access toolbar. You might add
buttons such as Frame Properties, New Frame Above, New Frame Below, New
Frames Page, and Table of Contents in Frame.
On the Quick Access toolbar, click the New Frames Page button to add frames
to display the document content.
Click the Table of Contents in Frame button to create the table of contents in a
separate frame.
Save the frames page as a Web page.
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