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Topic E: Web frames
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E-1: Creating a frames page
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 6\Topic E .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open Frames
2 Customize the Quick Access
toolbar to include these buttons:
Frame Properties
New Frame Above
New Frames Page
Table of Contents in Frame
On the Quick Access toolbar, click the
Customize Quick Access Toolbar button and
choose More Commands to open the Word
Options dialog box. Verify that Quick Access
Toolbar is selected in the left pane. From the
“Choose commands from” list, select All
commands. In the list of commands, select each
command, and click Add. Click OK.
3 On th e Qu ick Access toolbar,
(The New Frames Page button.) A frames page
opens with the contents of the Frames
4 Click
(The Table of Contents in Frame button.) The
frames page is divided into two frames. The first
frame displays the table of contents. The second
frame displays the information in the document.
5 Click the File tab and click
Save As
To open the Save As dialog box.
Edit the File name box to read
My frames
From the Save as type list, select
Web Page
You’ll save the frames page as a Web page with
the .htm extension. Save it in Student Data
folder Unit 6\Topic E.
Click Save
6 Place the insertion point as shown
To select the main frame.
(The New Frame Above button is on the Quick
Access toolbar.) A new frame appears above the
right frame.
7 Enter Outlander Spices
To specify a heading in the top frame.
Format the text as bold 24 pt
Deselect the text
8 Update the file
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