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Unit summary: Long documents
Unit summary: Long documents
Topic A
In this topic, you created a master document by inserting subdocuments. You also
deleted subdocuments. In addition, you created a cover page.
Topic B
In this topic, you learned how to create, modify, and update a table of contents . You
also inserted figure captions . You then created, modified, and updated a table of
Topic C
In this topic, you created index entries and subentries by using the Mark Index Entry
dialog box. You also created, modified, and updated a bibliography and a table of
authorities . Finally, you inserted, edited, and deleted a footnote .
Topic D
In this topic, you created and worked with bookmarks by using the Bookmark dialog
box. You also created cross-references .
Topic E
In this topic, you created a Web page and divided it into frames . You also added a table
of contents in a frame and modified the frame properties.
Independent practice activity
In this activity, you’ll create a table of contents, add a caption, and mark several words
as index entries.
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 6\Unit summary .
1 Open Practice and save it as My practice .
2 Create a table of contents at the beginning of the document. Show only two levels
and use the Formal format. Compare your screen to Exhibit 6-27.
3 On page 4, for the image of the chicken dish, add a caption that reads Figure 1:
Spiced chicken .
4 On page 3, after the bullet items, mark Southwestern as a main index entry. In the
same paragraph, add Asian as a main index entry. On the next page, in the first
paragraph, mark cookbook and recipes as main index entries.
5 At the end of the document, insert a page break. On the new blank page, generate a
two-column index in the Modern format, as shown in Exhibit 6-28.
6 Update and close the document.
Exhibit 6-27: The table of contents after Step 2
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