Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Unit summary: Long documents
Exhibit 6-28: The generated index after Step 5
Review questions
1 Which tab contains the tools for adding subdocuments to a master document?
A Home
B Developer
C Page Layout
D Outlining
2 How is Master Document view different from Outline view?
Master Document view shows a Subdocument icon in the upper-left corner of the document.
3 By default, what determines the text that is included in a table of contents?
A Heading styles
B Bookmarks
C Index entries
D Cross-references
4 How can you add a caption to a Word figure or table?
Click the References tab, select the figure or table, and in the Captions group, click Insert
5 How can you create a table of figures?
On the References tab, in the Captions group, click Insert Table of Figures. Select the desired
options and click OK.
6 How are endnotes different from footnotes?
Endnotes appear at the end of the document. Footnotes appear at the bottom of the page
containing the footnote marker.
7 What step must be done before you can generate an index?
A Create an outline.
B Mark the index entries.
C Switch to Print Layout view.
D Display nonprinting symbols.
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