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Topic A: Working with XML
You can use Word to create an XML document based on a schema. First, you have to
attach a schema to the Word document. To do so:
1 Create a document.
2 On the Developer tab, in the XML group, click Structure to open the XML
Structure pane.
3 Click Templates and Add-Ins to open the Templates and Add-ins dialog box,
shown in Exhibit 7-3.
4 Click Add Schema to open the Add Schema dialog box.
5 Select the desired schema and click Open. The Schema Settings dialog box
6 In the URI box, enter a name for the schema. (A URI is a Uniform Resource
Identifier —any type of name or address that refers to something on the Web.)
7 Click OK twice to close the Schema Settings dialog box and the Templates and
Add-ins dialog box.
After attaching the schema, you can apply the necessary tags to the document content
and save the file as an XML document. You apply a tag by selecting it from the
“Choose an element to apply to your current selection” list in the XML Structure pane.
Exhibit 7-3: The XML Schema tab in the Templates and Add-ins dialog box
You can also delete an attached schema if you don’t need it. To do this:
Open an XML document with an underlying schema.
Open the Templates and Add-ins dialog box.
Click Schema Library to open the Schema Library dialog box.
Select the schema you want to delete.
Click Delete Schema and then click Yes when prompted.
Click OK to return to the Templates and Add-ins dialog box; then click OK to
close it.
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