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Topic A: Working with XML
Applying XML tags
Elements form the basic building blocks of an XML document. Each element represents
a piece of data and is typically identified by a pair of tags: a start tag and an end tag. All
XML documents have a top-level parent element, called the root element . All other
elements are nested inside the root element.
After you’ve attached a schema to a document, you can apply tags to the document
content to specify each element. To apply XML tags:
Select the content that you want to tag as a given element.
In the pane, under “Choose an element to apply to your current selection,” click
the element you want to apply. The list will display only those elements that are
allowed to be added at the current location.
Click the File tab and click Save As to open the Save As dialog box.
From the Save as type list, select Word XML Document.
Do it!
A-2: Applying XML tags to content
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Select the entire document
Press Ctrl+A.
In the XML Structure pane, select
Customer {Customer
You are asked if you want to apply the
Customer element to the entire document.
Apply to Entire Document
The Customer tag is applied to the entire
Press n
To deselect the text.
2 In the pane, verify that Show
XML tags in the document
is checked
3 Select 1001
In the XML Structure pane, select
To apply the Idno tag to 1001.
Apply the CustomerName tag
to Western Spice Retailers
Select Western Spice Retailers in the document,
and then select CustomerName in the XML
Structure pane.
4 Select the four address lines
In the pane, select Address
To apply the Address tag to the entire selection.
You’ll group the text under the Address tag.
5 Select 120 Summit Ave
6 In the pane, select Street
To apply the Street tag to the selection.
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