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Topic A: Working with XML
Using the XML Options dialog box
As you create an XML document with an underlying XML schema, Word checks for
schema violations. If violations are found, Word displays an error message stating that a
schema violation has occurred and the document cannot be created. Therefore, you need
to apply all of the tags in the underlying schema to the document before it can be
You can control the schema validation options in the XML Options dialog box. Use the
XML view options to show advanced error messages, to hide alias names, and to show
placeholder text for empty elements.
To modify the XML options:
1 In the XML Structure pane, click XML Options to open the XML Options
dialog box, shown in Exhibit 7-4.
2 Under “Schema validation options,” specify how much control the schema will
have on the document.
3 Under “XML view options,” check “Show advanced XML error messages” to
see detailed messages.
4 Click OK.
Exhibit 7-4: The XML Options dialog box
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