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Topic A: Form letters
Do it!
A-1: Inserting a field
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 1\Topic A .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Start Microsoft Word
Maximize the window
If necessary.
2 Open Letter
(From the current topic folder.) This will be the
starting document for the mail merge.
Save the document as
My letter
(In the current topic folder.) Before you begin
the mail merge process, you’ll insert and modify
a few standard fields.
3 Scroll to view the name in the
document’s closing
The name “Chris Carr” appears at the end of the
letter. You’ll insert your name instead by using a
field. First, you’ll ensure that your name is
specified as the author of this document.
4 Click the File tab
To display the document’s standard properties.
(On the File tab, the Info option is selected by
Under Properties, right-click the
Author box and choose
Edit Property
5 In the “Enter names or e-mail
addresses” box, type your name
Click OK
Click the Home tab
To return to the letter.
6 Select Chris Carr
You’ll insert the Author field to replace the
selected text with your own name.
7 Click the Insert tab
8 In the Text group, click
Quick Parts and choose
To open the Field dialog box.
9 From the Categories list, select
Document Information
To display the Document Information fields.
Under Field names, verify that
Author is selected
Click OK
To insert your name as the document author.
10 Update the document
Click the Save button on the Quick Access
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