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Unit summary: XML features
Unit summary: XML features
Topic A
In this topic, you created an XML document by attaching an XML schema to a Word
document and adding XML tags to the document content. In addition, you learned how
to use the XML Options dialog box to view error messages. You also discussed how to
apply transforms .
Independent practice activity
In this activity, you’ll create an XML file, attach a schema, and specify the document
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 7\Unit summary .
1 Create a document with the information shown in Exhibit 7-8.
2 Attach the schema Emp.xsd to this document, and specify the URI name as
Employee schema .
3 Apply the empDetails, Empno, FirstName, LastName, Address, Street, City, State,
and Zip tags, as shown in Exhibit 7-9. Fix any schema problems that occur.
4 Save the document as My practice.xml in the XML format. Then close the
5 Close Microsoft Word.
Exhibit 7-8: The data for Step 1
Exhibit 7-9: The tags to be attached in Step 3
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