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Topic A: Form letters
Modifying fields
After inserting a field, you can modify it by right-clicking it and choosing Edit Field to
open the Field dialog box. The options in the Field dialog box will reflect the type of
field you right-clicked. Specify the changes you want and click OK. If you change the
data on which a field is based, you can update the field by right-clicking it and choosing
Update Field.
Do it!
A-2: Modifying a date field
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 View the date at the top of the
The date was inserted as a field that always
displays the current date. You’ll modify the field
to display a different date format.
2 Right-click the date and choose
Edit Field…
To open the Field dialog box.
3 Under Date formats, select the
sample date that uses the format
MMMM d, yyyy , as shown
The date formats in the list will show the current
4 Click OK
The date uses the new format.
5 Update the document
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