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Topic A: Form letters
Identifying a starting document and recipients
If you have a document containing a list of recipients, such as a Word table, an Excel
spreadsheet, an Outlook table, or an Access table, you can specify that document as
your recipient list. To specify a starting document and a recipient list document for a
form letter:
Open or create the starting document that contains the letter text.
Click the Mailings tab, and in the Start Mail Merge group, click Start Mail
Merge. From the menu that appears, choose Letters, as shown in Exhibit 1-4, to
specify that the starting document is a letter.
In the Start Mail Merge group, click Select Recipients. From the menu that
appears, choose Use Existing List, as shown in Exhibit 1-5. (To specify Outlook
contacts as the source for your recipient list, click Select Recipients and choose
Select from Outlook Contacts.)
In the Select Data Source dialog box, select the document you want to use, click
Open, and click OK.
Exhibit 1-4: Specifying a form letter as the starting document for a mail merge
Exhibit 1-5: Specifying an existing document as the recipient list
The Mail Merge Wizard
You can use Word’s Mail Merge Wizard to be guided through each step of the mail
merge process. The wizard’s steps and supporting information appear in the Mail Merge
task pane. To start this wizard, click Start Mail Merge and choose Step by Step Mail
Merge Wizard. The wizard is useful for those who aren’t sure how to proceed with a
mail merge. Usually, though, you can perform mail merges in fewer steps by using the
tools on the Ribbon.
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