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Topic A: Form letters
Customizing form letters
After you select a data source for the recipient list, you can customize your form letter
by inserting fields from the data source. You can use the buttons in the Write & Insert
Fields group, shown in Exhibit 1-6.
Exhibit 1-6: The Write & Insert Fields group on the Mailings tab
To customize a form letter:
1 In the form letter, place the insertion point where you want to insert the merge
2 In the Write & Insert Fields group, click Address Block to open the Insert
Address Block dialog box, shown in Exhibit 1-7. You’ll use this dialog box to
insert the address merge fields.
3 From the “Insert recipient’s name in this format” list, select a format for the
merge field. By default, the company name and postal address are inserted along
with the name field. You can clear these settings, if you prefer.
4 Click OK.
5 In the Write & Insert Fields group, click Greeting Line to open the Insert
Greeting Line dialog box.
6 Select a greeting-line format and click OK.
7 In the Write & Insert fields group, click Insert Merge Field and choose the
merge field you want to insert.
To make it easier to distinguish the merge fields from the other text in the document,
you can click Highlight Merge Fields in the Write & Insert Fields group.
Exhibit 1-7: The Insert Address Block dialog box
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