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Topic A: Form letters
Do it!
A-4: Customizing a form letter
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Place the insertion point as shown
2 On the Mailings tab, in the Write
& Insert Fields group, click
Address Block
To open the Insert Address Block dialog box,
shown in Exhibit 1-7. You can use this dialog
box to insert one merge field that contains all of
the address fields, such as street address, city,
state, and ZIP code.
Click OK
The AddressBlock field is inserted at the top of
the document.
3 Press e
To create a new line for the salutation.
4 In the Write & Insert Fields
group, click Greeting Line
To open the Insert Greeting Line dialog box.
Under “Greeting line format,”
select To
In the adjacent box, verify that
Joshua Randall Jr. is selected
5 Observe the Preview box
This box shows you how the greeting line will
look in the document. The name that appears in
this box is from your recipient list.
6 Click OK
The GreetingLine field is inserted below
AddressBlock in the document.
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