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Topic A: Form letters
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A-5: Merging recipient list data with a form letter
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 In the Preview Results group,
click Preview Results
The AddressBlock merge field is replaced with
the name and address of the first recipient. The
GreetingLine merge field is replaced with the
greeting line “To Janice Finnegan.” Also, the
City field in the first line of letter text is
replaced with the first recipient’s city.
2 Select the first three lines of
address data
You’ll remove the spacing below these lines.
Set the paragraph’s Spacing After
to 0 pt
Click the Page Layout tab. In the Paragraph
group, under Spacing, enter 0 in the After box.
3 Click the Mailings tab
4 In the Prev iew Results group,
To move to the next record in the data source.
The information for Mark Johnson appears in
the merge fields.
Continue until you’ve viewed all
seven letters
The seventh letter is addressed to an employee
at Outlander Spices. You’ll create a rule to skip
any record addressed to Outlander Spices.
5 In the Write & Insert Fields
group, click Rules and choose
Skip Record If…
To open a dialog box.
From the Field name list, select
In the Compare to box, enter
Outlander Spices
Click OK
6 In the Pre view Results group,
To go to the sixth record. The rule won’t work if
the record containing the exception is selected.
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