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Topic A: Form letters
7 In the Finish group, click
Finish & Merge and choose
Edit Individual
To complete the merge and create the form
letters. The Merge to New Document dialog box
Verify that All is selected
In the Merge to New Document dialog box, you
can select the records you want to merge. When
All is selected, all of the letters will be merged
in a new document, with each letter on a
separate page.
Click OK
A new document, Letters1, is created, with
Janice Finnegan’s letter on the first page.
Scroll through the document
The names of other people in the data source
appear. You can change individual letters and
print each letter individually.
Because of the “Skip Record If” rule you
created, a letter addressed to Chris Carr does not
8 Close the document
You don’t need to save the changes in Letters1.
9 Update and close My letter
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