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Topic B: Data sources for the recipient list
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B-1: Creating and using a recipient list
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 1\Topic B .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open Letter2
You’ll create a data source with the necessary
fields and data.
Save the document as
My press kit letter
2 Click the Mailings tab
(If necessary.) You’ll create a list of recipients.
In the Start Mail Merge group,
click Select Recipients and
choose Type New List…
To open the New Address List dialog box,
shown in Exhibit 1-9.
Scroll to view all of the column
The column headings represent the fields that
will hold the recipient data. The New Address
List dialog box contains common fields for
addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
3 Click
Customize Columns
To open the Customize Address List dialog box,
which you can use to add or delete fields.
Click Delete
To delete the selected Title field. You are
prompted to confirm the deletion.
Click Yes
To confirm the deletion and close the message
4 In the Field Names list, select
Address Line 2
You need only one address line.
Delete the field name
Click Delete and then click Yes to confirm the
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