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Topic B: Data sources for the recipient list
10 Click OK
To close the New Address List dialog box and
open the Save Address List dialog box.
11 Navigate to the current topic
Student Data folder Unit 1\Topic B.
In the Save as type list, Microsoft Office
Address Lists is selected. The data source will
be saved as a Microsoft Office Address List.
In the File name box, enter
My data source
Click Save
To save the new address list. Now you’ll
designate this file as the recipient list.
12 Click Select Recipients and
choose Use Existing List…
To open the Select Data Source dialog box.
From the current topic folder,
select My data source
You might need to navigate to the current topic
Click Open
To designate the selected file as the recipient
13 In your letter, insert the
AddressBlock and
GreetingLine fields, and then
highlight the merge fields
On the Mailings tab, click the Address Block
and Greeting Line buttons and use the default
settings. Click Highlight Merge Fields.
In the body text, replace
[insert city here] with
the City field
Select “[insert city here]”; then click Insert
Merge Field and choose City. Add a space after
the field, if necessary.
14 Preview the letter
Click Preview Results.
Remove the spacing below each
of the first three lines of address
Select the first three lines of address data. Click
the Page Layout tab. In the Paragraph group,
under Spacing, enter 0 in the After box.
15 Update the document
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