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Topic B: Data sources for the recipient list
Filtering records
After creating form letters, you might decide to print only letters for a specific group of
recipients. For example, you might want to send form letters to only those people who
live in a particular city or who work in a particular department. To print only a subset of
letters, you can filter out the other records.
To filter records in a data source:
1 Open the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box.
2 Click Filter to open the Filter and Sort dialog box, with the Filter Records tab
3 Specify the criteria for filtering the records, as shown in Exhibit 1-11.
4 Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes.
The difference between sorting and filtering is that when you sort, all records are
displayed according to the sort condition. For example, if you sort by state in ascending
order, then all records are listed, from Alabama to Wyoming. When you apply a filter,
only those records that meet the filtering condition are displayed. For example, if you
apply a filter for Illinois, then only those records with Illinois in the State field are
Exhibit 1-11: Filtering records
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