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Topic C: Mailing labels and envelopes
Do it!
C-1: Preparing mailing labels
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 1\Topic C .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Create a new blank document
Save the document as My labels
In Student Data folder Unit 1\Topic C.
2 Click the Mailings tab
Click Start Mail Merge and
choose Labels…
To open the Label Options dialog box, which
you’ll use to specify printer and label settings.
In the Label vendors list, select
Avery US Letter
To specify that you’re using an Avery label.
From the Product number list,
select 5163 Shipping Labels
To specify the type of label and its dimensions.
The Label information section of the dialog box
displays the label type, dimensions, and page
Click OK
To close the Label Options dialog box and
create a blank sheet of Avery address labels.
3 Specify My data source as the
recipient list
(Click Select Recipients and choose Use
Existing List. Select My data source and click
Open.) The first label is blank, and the Next
Record field appears in the other labels.
4 Insert the AddressBlock field
In the Write & Insert Fields group, click
Address Block. Accept the default settings and
click OK.
5 In the Write & Insert Fields
group, click Update Labels
To insert the AddressBlock field in all of the
6 Update the document
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