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Unit summary: Using Mail Merge
Unit summary: Using Mail Merge
Topic A
In this topic, you learned how to create form letters by using the Mail Merge feature.
You added merge fields to a form letter and merged a recipient list with a form letter.
Topic B
In this topic, you created a recipient list . You discussed the difference between sorting
and filtering records. You also sorted and filtered records by using the Filter and Sort
dialog box.
Topic C
In this topic, you used the Mail Merge feature to prepare mailing labels and envelopes
for printing. You prepared the mailing label and envelope documents, merged a data
source with them, and printed the labels.
Independent practice activity
In this activity, you’ll merge a starting document with a recipient list to create a form
letter. You’ll also generate mailing labels.
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 1\Unit summary .
1 Open Practice letter and save it as My practice letter .
2 Create a mail merge letter, using My practice letter as the starting document, and
Practice contacts as the recipient list.
3 Insert the AddressBlock merge field, press Enter twice, and insert the GreetingLine
merge field. Format the AddressBlock merge field to use 0 pt spacing after.
4 On the last line of the main paragraph, replace “[insert Division]” with the Division
5 Highlight the merge fields, preview the letter, and compare your screen to Exhibit
6 Update and close My practice letter.
7 Create a new document and save it as My practice labels . You’ll generate mailing
labels for the form letter you just created.
8 Specify the document as a Labels starting document. In the Label Options dialog
box, select Avery 5160 – Easy Peel Address labels.
9 Designate the Practice contacts file as the data source for the recipient list.
10 Insert the AddressBlock field, and update all of the labels in your document.
11 Preview your labels. If there’s too much spacing between lines, select the first label,
click the Page Layout tab, and set the Spacing After value to 0. Then return to the
Mailings tab and click Update Labels. Compare your labels to those in Exhibit 1-14.
12 Update and close the document.
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