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Topic A: Inserting content from other
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A-1: Inserting an Excel worksheet
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 2\Topic A .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open New objects
Save the document as
My new objects
(In the current topic folder.) You’ll insert an
Excel worksheet into this document to display
numeric data with calculations.
2 Click below the document text
To place the insertion point below the text.
3 Click the Insert tab
4 In the Text group, click Object
To open the Object dialog box.
5 In the Object type list, select
Microsoft Excel Worksheet
As shown in Exhibit 2-1.
Click OK
A blank Excel worksheet appears in the Word
document, and the Excel Ribbon and other
controls appear in place of the Word tools. You
can now add worksheet data, just as you would
when working in Excel.
6 Click cell B1
(Click in column B, row 1.) To activate that cell
so you can enter data in it.
7 Type Qtr 1
To enter a column heading.
Press t
To select the cell to the right, which is cell C1.
8 Type Qtr 2
Press y
To select cell C2, below the cell where you
entered “Qtr 2.”
9 Type 1750500
To enter the sales estimate for the second
quarter of next year.
Press s + t
To select cell B2.
10 Type 1575000
Press e
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