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Topic A: Inserting content from other
Inserting existing files as objects
In addition to creating objects in Word, you can insert existing files as objects. The file
you insert in the Word document is referred to as the source file . When you insert a
source file as an object, it is embedded in the Word document by default. An embedded
object is stored in the Word document and is separate from the source file. Changes you
make in the source file are not reflected in the embedded version in the Word document.
If you want source-file changes to be reflected in the version you inserted in the Word
document, you link the object rather than embed it. You can then open the source file
from within Word by double-clicking the linked object.
To insert a file as an object:
Open the Word document in which you want to add the object, and place the
insertion point where you want the object to appear.
Click the Insert tab.
Click Object to open the Object dialog box.
Click the Create from File tab.
Click Browse to open the Browse dialog box. Select the file you want to insert,
and click Insert.
In the Object dialog box, if you want the inserted file to be linked, check “Link
to file,” as shown in Exhibit 2-2. Otherwise, the content will be embedded.
Click OK.
Exhibit 2-2: Inserting a file as a linked object
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