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Topic A: Inserting content from other
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A-2: Inserting an Excel file as a linked object
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 2\Topic A .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open Objects from files
Save the document as
My objects from files
You’ll insert an Excel worksheet as an object
within this file.
2 Click below the document text
3 Click the Insert tab
4 Open the Object dialog box
In the Text group, click Object.
Click the Create from File tab
To open the Browse dialog box.
5 Click Browse
In the current topic folder, select
Linked object
This is the Excel file you want to insert as an
Click Insert
To return to the Object dialog box. The File
name box displays the name of the file you
6 Check Link to file
To link the object to the source file.
Click OK
The linked object appears below the Word text.
If you work in the source file in Excel later, the
changes will be reflected in this linked version.
You can open the source file from within Word
by double-clicking the linked object.
7 Double-click the object
The worksheet opens in an Excel window.
8 Click the total in cell G9
(If necessary.) To select it.
Press c + B
To apply bold formatting.
9 Update the file in Excel
Click the Save button on the Quick Access
Close the Excel window
To return to Word.
The linked object reflects the change you made
in the source file.
10 Right-click the Excel object and
choose Update Link
11 Update and close the file
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