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Topic A: Inserting content from other
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A-3: Inserting a chart based on Excel data
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 2\Topic A .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 In Word, create a new blank
You’ll insert a pie chart into this document.
2 Click the Insert tab
3 In the Illustrations group, click
To open the Create Chart dialog box.
In the left pane, select Pie
Click OK
Excel starts and displays sample data. You’ll
replace the sample data with data from a file.
4 In Excel, click the File tab and
click Open
The Open dialog box is displayed.
In the current topic folder, select
Chart data
Click Open
To open the file.
5 In Word, on the Chart Tools |
Design tab, click Select Data
(In the Data group.) To open the Select Data
Source dialog box. In Excel, the sample-data
worksheet is activated. You’ll specify a range in
the Chart data file you opened.
6 In Excel, switch to the Chart data
worksheet you opened
Select it on the Windows taskbar.
Drag to select cells A1 through B5
This selection identifies the data to be used to
create the chart.
Click OK
To close the Select Data Source dialog box and
set the data selection. The chart reflects the new
data. Use the horizontal scrollbar in the Word
window to view the pie chart.
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