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Topic A: Inserting content from other
7 In Excel, switch to the Chart data
(If necessary.) You’ll change one of the values
in the spreadsheet, and it will automatically
change in the chart object in Word.
8 Click cell B3
Cell B3 contains the value $4,846.00.
Type 7500
To specify a new value, replacing the old value.
Observe the chart in Word and
press e
When you enter the new value in the Excel
worksheet, the chart in Word is updated as well.
9 In Excel, save Chart data as
My chart data and close all
open worksheets
Click the File tab and click Save As. Save the
file. Then click the File tab and click Close.
Close Excel
10 In Word, save the document as
My chart
In the current topic folder.
11 Click the Layout tab
In the Labels group, click
Legend and select
Show Legend at Top
To adjust the layout.
Click Data Labels and select
To display the data values in the chart.
12 Click the Design tab
You’ll save the chart as a template.
In the Type group, click
Save As Template
To open the Save Chart Template dialog box.
Edit the File name box to read
My sales template
Click Save
Update and close the document
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