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Topic B: Changing the document background
Do it!
B-3: Applying themes
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 2\Topic B .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open Themes
Save the document as
My themes
You’ll use a theme to format this document.
2 Click the Page Layout tab
3 In the Themes group, click
To display the Themes gallery.
Point to the Opulent theme, as
To preview the theme in the document. Notice
how the appearance of the document’s fonts,
colors, and SmartArt changes.
Select a theme
To apply it, changing the overall appearance of
the document.
4 In the Themes group, click
Choose Reset to Theme
from Template
To return to the original theme used in the
document’s template.
Rather than change all document aspects at once
(fonts, colors, and graphic properties) with a
theme, you can change individual
5 In the Themes grou p,
To display a gallery of theme colors. You can
select a set of colors from another theme, or
customize the colors in the current theme.
Choose Create New Theme
To open the Create New Theme Colors dialog
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