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Topic B: Changing the document background
Do it!
B-5: Setting a default theme
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 In the Themes group, click
To display the Themes gallery.
Click Foundry
To select the Foundry theme.
2 Click the Home tab
3 In the Styles group, click
Change Styles
Choose Set as Default
To set the Foundry theme as the default. Now
when you create a document, it will
automatically have the Foundry theme applied.
4 Update and close the file
5 Create a new blank document
6 Enter Outlander Spices
To create a document heading.
Apply the Heading 1 style to
the text
The appearance of the text is defined by the
Foundry theme.
7 Click the Page Layout tab
Click Themes
The selected theme is Foundry.
8 Change the document theme to
On the Page Layout tab, click Themes and select
9 Set the Office theme as the default
On the Home tab, click Change Styles and
choose Set as Default.
Close the file without saving
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