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Unit summary: Objects and backgrounds
Unit summary: Objects and backgrounds
Topic A
In this topic, you created an Excel worksheet object in a Word document. You also
inserted an Excel file as a linked object , modified the data, and inserted an Excel chart
as an object in your Word document.
Topic B
In this topic, you learned how to apply background colors and fill effects to a
document. You also created a watermark . In addition, you learned about themes and
how they can be used to create a consistent look throughout a document.
Independent practice activity
In this activity, you’ll apply a theme to a document, and you’ll insert one document into
another as a linked object.
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 2\Unit summary .
1 Open Update and save it as My update .
2 Apply the Technic theme to the document. ( Hint: Use the Themes group on the
Page Layout tab.)
3 Change the page color to a color of your choice. ( Hint: Use the Page Color button in
the Page Background group.)
4 Update and close the document.
5 Open Practice objects and save it as My practice objects .
6 Below the current document text, insert the Practice linked object file as a linked
object. ( Hint: In the Object dialog box, use the Create from File tab.)
7 Open the Practice linked object file in Excel. ( Hint: Double-click the object to open
the original file in Excel.)
8 Apply a light color fill to the cell containing the highest value in the Sales column.
Hint: Click cell D4. On the Home tab, click the Fill Color arrow and choose a light (
9 Update the document and close Excel.
10 In Word, update the linked object.
11 Update and close the file.
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