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Topic A: Recording and running macros
Do it!
A-1: Recording a macro
The files for this activity are in Student Data folder Unit 3\Topic A .
Here’s how
Here’s why
1 Open Macros
You’ll record a macro to create a table.
Save the document as
My macros
In the current topic folder.
2 Place the insertion point at the end
of the document
(Press Ctrl+End.) Below the heading “New
kiosk locations.”
3 Click the View tab
4 Click Macros as shown
Choose Record Macro…
To open the Record Macro dialog box.
5 Edit the Macro name box to read
To specify a name for the macro.
6 From the “Store macro in” list,
select My macros
The macro will be available in only this
7 In the Description box, enter
Creates a table
To describe the macro. Your Record Macro
dialog box should match Exhibit 3-1.
8 Click
To open the Word Options dialog box. You’ll
add a custom macro button to the Quick Access
Click Add and click OK
The image of a cassette is attached to the
pointer. In addition, a custom macro button
appears on the Quick Access toolbar.
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