Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Topic A: Recording and running macros
9 Click the Insert tab
You’ll go through the steps of inserting a table,
and the macro will record those steps.
10 In the Tables group, click Table
and select the indicated cells
To insert a table with three columns and two
11 Verify that the insertion point is in
the first cell of the table
The upper-left cell.
Press s + x three times
To select the top row of the table.
To apply bold formatting to the top row.
Press c + B
12 On the View tab, click Macros
and choose Stop Recording
To stop recording the macro.
13 Update the document
A dialog box appears, stating that you can’t save
the macro with this file because this file is a
macro-free document.
Click No
To cancel the update. The Save As dialog box
appears. You’ll save the document as a
macroenabled document, with the extension .docm.
14 From the Save as type list, select
Word Macro-Enabled
Click Save
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